Gem Craft Lion 1979 demi-parure


Fun set for Big Cat lovers! Will look awesome with a leopard print shirt 😉

💜 I wish 💝 💜 I wish 💝
💜 I wish 💝


A whimsical Lion set from the designer Gene Verrecchia from the late seventies.

A lot of floral designs of Coro were from the designer Gene Verrecchia (Verri) who began designing for Coro in 1933. A talented young designer who became head designer by age 22. In 1963 Gene Verrecchia left big jewelry company Coro to form the jewelry brand Gem Craft with his brother.

If there’s one thing you need to know about the late seventies and 80s, it’s that everything was big and bold. This extended to everything – clothes, sunglasses, hair and jewelry. It was the era of Jane Fonda’s leg warmers, Cindy Laupers big hair and Madonna’s ‘material girl’ look.

80s jewelry was large and very eye-catching. Jewelry was more than just a fashion accessory – it was a way to express your individuality, a concept that was becoming increasingly popular at the time. This was the era of costume jewelry and statement pieces, as avant-garde jewelry designers turned to new materials, colors and styles to create accessories that matched the individual need to ‘express yourself’ like Madonna set the example for us in her song.

This set incorporates every eighties’ feel. The necklace has minimal wear to the gold plating. The necklace and earclips are signed on the back with CRAFT. The brooch and earclips are unworn with no wear at all. I have an extra pair of earclips that will come with te set. Maybe you can use them as vestclips, collar clips, dress clips or even shoe clips!

I have never seen this set this complete on my searches in the last five years.