Trifari 1970s blue and green enamel BIRD WING


Stylish modern abstracted Bird wing set for a Magpie Fashionista

💜 I wish 💝 💜 I wish 💝
💜 I wish 💝


A modern set for a today’s fashionista with a love for vintage

I always thought this modern Trifari set looked like a bird wing.

When I took out this Magpie background to take pictures of the set I realised why this modern abstracted bird wing idea kept on popping up in my mind. Doesn’t it look like a Magpie’s wing?

The set is in Mint condition no wear to the gold plating or enamel at all. The earpins are still attached to the original card.

The logo/ marking Trifari has on this piece was used throughout the seventies and eighties. The deep green and deep blue colours of the shiny enamel I have seen on more designs from the 70s. In the 80s the enamel colours blue and green look more matt and pastel en less shine and transparency.

A nice set to wear with a hip jeans outfit!