Coro 1953 full parure Bookpiece Pearl and Rhinestone RIBBONS


Wearing this highly collectable parure will make you feel like Grace Kelly, who appeared in her first movie in 1953!

💜 I wish 💝 💜 I wish 💝
💜 I wish 💝


Gorgeous parure from 1953, Bookpiece. Rare find, an absolute great addition to your Coro collection!

This complete Coro gold plated parure, with warm toned faux pearls and shiny baguette rhinestones, is a very rare find. It took me four years to find all the matching pieces and bring them together.

This complete set is a so called ‘book-piece’, described in the book ‘Collecting Costume Jewelry 202’, written by Julia C. Carrol. Patent pending numbers are on the back of the pieces which prove this design line was filed by the head of the design department Adolf Katz.  In several reference works, Adoph Katz has been listed as a Coro designer but later research says that he did not do any design work. It was assumed by the writers of these books that he was the designer because he signed his name on the patent applications. However, from 1924 on, he was the man in charge of selecting the designs Coro would manufacture, commission to be manufactured, and sell. Adolph Katz choose the designs from a large pool of designers, many of whom went on to become known by their own names in their own or other companies. Other designs were picked from portfolio drawings sold by unknown artists.

The necklace and brooch are signed Coro (in script) and look unworn. The earclips look like new, but have no signing. The bracelets carry the Coro sign. They have some wear to the gold-plating on the back. All faux pearls and rhinestone look original.

If you need to see more detailed pictures before deciding to buy this parure please do not hesitate to sent me an email.