Corocraft 1954 full parure Bookpiece EMPIRE


Marilyn Monroe could have worn this complete gold-tone parure from 1954. The marquise and baguette cut rhinestones sparkle with every ray of light catching the facets. A set for true vintage bling lovers.

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💜 I wish 💝


Shiny parure from 1954, Bookpiece. Hard to find this complete, a lovely addition to your Coro collection!

This complete Corocraft gold plated parure, with shiny baguette and marquise cut rhinestones, is a very rare find. Some pieces have been in my possession for a decade. In december 2020 I was lucky to find earclips that look like the missing matching pieces to this parure. So finally this complete set can be up for sale in my ‘treasure chest’ webshop.

‘Corocraft’ was one of the three top-end lines for Coro along with ‘Vendome’ and ‘Francois’.

This complete set is a so called ‘book-piece’, described in the book ‘Collecting Costume Jewelry 202’, written by Julia C. Carrol. Patent pending is stamped on the back of the pendant and brooch which prove this design line was filed by the head of the design department Adolf Katz.

In the list of patent numbers this design was filed under the name ‘EMPIRE’

In several reference works, Adoph Katz has been listed as a Coro designer but later research says that he did not do any design work. It was assumed by the writers of these books that he was the designer because he signed his name on the patent applications. However, from 1924 on, he was the man in charge of selecting the designs Coro would manufacture, commission to be manufactured, and sell. Adolph Katz choose the designs from a large pool of designers, many of whom went on to become known by their own names in their own or other companies. Other designs were picked from portfolio drawings sold by unknown artists.

A lot of floral designs of Coro were from the designer Gene Verrecchia (Verri) who began designing for Coro in 1933. A talented young designer who became head designer by age 22. With the onset of World War II Gene left Coro to join the military but returned after his service. After which he shorten his name to Verri and continued designing with Coro until 1963. Many Coro patents during these years bear the Gene Verrecchia signature on patent drawings. In 1963 Verri left Coro to form Gem Craft with his brother. (My webshop has a ‘lion head’ parure listed from Gem Craft).

The chain necklace with pendant and brooch are signed Corocraft (in script) and look unworn. The earclips are signed Coro and have minor wear to the gold plating on the back. The bracelet carries the Coro sign on the clasp and Corocraft on a leaf brange. It has tiny spots of wear to the gold-plating on the sharp etches hardly noticeable but needs to be mentioned. All rhinestones look original.

If you need to see more detailed pictures before deciding to buy this parure please do not hesitate to sent me an email.