You probably wonder ‘how did you come up with the idea to become a goldsmith designer and a precious gemstone cutter?’.

It is a funny story of coincidences that come your way on the path of life. When my husband asked me to marry him and be his pearl forever, he asked me what kind of wedding ring design I would like. I asked him to make a ring design with a lovely story ‘to make me remember this moment forever’. He went on his mission to find the perfect ring design and visited several jewelers in and around Amsterdam. But most jewelers just have standard mass-produced designs from big labels. Nothing could satisfy him, all to ordinary. One day he entered a small and cute store from the jeweler and goldsmith team ‘The Mill Diamonds’ in Amsterdam. They were very happy to help Mick make his design dream come true. They made a beautiful personalized designed wedding ring. 

A stunning piece I wear with lots of joy every day.

Two concept ring sketches I made in Adobe Photoshop

A few years later my husband Mick inherited a big simple golden ring with pretty rubies. Because I was getting bored with taking care of the two little toddlers, changing diapers every hour, making fruit salads and mashed vegetable mousses every day, he gave me an assignment to keep me busy during the sleeping hours of the demanding lot. ‘Design your own ring and you’ll get it as a present for your 40th birthday’. The best idea ever. My creativity started to bubble again, and the hours passed by without me noticing.

Again, the team of ‘The Mill Diamonds’ made the dream design real. The goldsmith took us by the hand and showed us how a dream design starts in the 3D design software Rhino. They showed us the whole process of 3d drawing and printing models, casting the wax models in gold, the search for gemstones and the finishing touches of the polishing process!

Only then I started to realize I wanted to make my own jewelry designs in Rhino. I dreamed to become a goldsmith and make my own design ideas all the way of the process. With a background as an architect working with AutoCad, this Rhino 3D modelling software was not so difficult to learn. Together with my husband Mick, we made a plan to finance my new big dream. 

And here we are, examples of the end of this journey towards our dreams coming true in 2020; Two new companies and

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Two 3D model drawings I made in Rhino 6 of the Photoshop sketches